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Вакансии Аудит

Manager, Fraud Investigations, Forensic Department, Risk and Compliance Group

•    Taking part in Fraud Investigations and Fraud Risk Management projects
•    Preparing reports in Russian and English languages
•    Taking part in Fraud risk management training to internal and external clients
•    Developing and maintaining client relationships that bring in business
•    Initiating new services and product offerings to clients
•    Anticipating and managing future resource requirements
•    Managing and evaluating performance of Associates/Executives level staff members
•    Building a network of contacts among peer groups in KPMG Moscow and overseas Forensic practices

•    At least 5 years’ experience in Audit or Transaction Services functions
•    Experience in investigations and/or internal audit would be a plus
•    Good understanding of accounting and financial reporting, including ACCA/CPA training
•    Knowledge and understanding of internal control systems and business processes
•    Ability to establish instant credibility and make quick, accurate judgments of facts or character
•    Ability to lead several projects simultaneously
•    Excellent command of both English and Russian, including the ability to prepare written reports in both languages
•    Motivation for development and career growth
•    Strong management skills - ability to organize and lead team work
•    Capability of instilling enthusiasm in others
•    Good analytical skills
•    Strong interpersonal skills

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