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Bill Finn, CFO CEDC Russia

Bill Finn started his career at KPMG Ireland. In 1998 he has moved to Russia and joined  Coca Cola HBC as a Finance Director Siberia/Western Russia.  After that Bill was a FD of Reckitt Benckiser, Sara Lee Russia. At the moment Bill is CFO CEDC Russia.

1.    How did your financial career start?
I would say my real career started when I came to Russia in 1998 as Finance Manager for one of the Coca Cola franchises, just before the crisis of ’98. Prior to this I was with KPMG and GKN Chep but they did not lead me to where I am today.

2.    What was the most challenging at the start of the financial role?
Seeing out of the numbers at the real picture, you are trained on numbers and more numbers, they are important but the base business is the key to success. A successful CFO needs to be involved in all parts of the business to run it properly.

3.    What helped you most on your way to financial director role?
As a start audit practice gives you a breadth of experience of many different industries and company sizes, or it did when I qualified, then taking a small company role to understand the basics, once you have the basic business friendly finance approach in your mindset then you can move on to be a successful FD.

4.    What personal traits should a financial director have?
Open mind, patience for above and managing below, especially in Russia but yet firm on implementing strategy and plan. Also firm on what can and cannot be done, sometimes the FD/CFO has to draw a line in the sand and say «no further». Also good communication skills and prioritizing, there are so many demands on the CFO that he needs to see the big picture and delegate non essentials.

5.    What knowledge and skills should modern financial director possess?
I believe this is very industry specific, you need to know your industry inside and out, from the raw material price and availability and suppliers to the end clients, be they your customers or your customers’ customers. Finance is a kitchen that you can cook any country’s cuisine, but you need to tailor it to your own industry and strategy.

6.    What is the most important of a financial director job?
Being part of the decision making process, part of the management team. Finance has to sit at the table as a natural partner to commercial decisions.

7.    What are common mistakes of a financial director at new office?
Thinking that his previous experience applies to a new job/industry and forcing this earlier «better» approach on the new business. In the beginning listen and learn to understand the new business and then try to improve it.

8.    What is a role of a financial director within a company?
As above, he should be the natural partner of the general manager and commercial managers so that there is a finance input to all decisions. I believe finance in Russian companies is also a good sounding board for the GM, sometimes he needs to be brought back to reality and the CFO is the natural one for this.

9.    Is western business education of decisive factor for a financial director professional success?
If we are talking specifically in Russia then I would say «no», a diverse experience abroad and at home, plus different industry experience builds a good portfolio of experience and it is then down to the individual’s character if they make a success or not.

10.    What are priority tasks for a financial director today?
Apart from the above points of making sure he is at the table for all decisions, at the moment I see financing as an issue for any company with seasonal business or strong investment plans. Banks appear to have plenty of cash but getting it released for more ‘risky» investments can be an issue. Also we are coming back to the pre crisis issues with finding good people, strong no2s and no3’s are hard to find, once you have them in Russia pay them and keep them.

11.    Business success is based on an efficient management. Do you have any secrets of it?
There are a lot of demands on a CFO today, especially if he is a success and is part of the commercial team and also does his standard finance work if you see the distinction. With a strong team prioritizing and delegating are key.

12.    What were your lessons of 2009 crisis?
Identify good customers who pay and keep them, identify bad customers in good times and when telltale signs of credit risk appear be ruthless in getting your cash and reducing further risk.

13.    Is an excellent CFO a future general manager?
Yes, what I defined as a successful CFO is the partner to the GM, a copilot so to say, and the copilot will one day fly the plane.

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